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Yaesu M-1 Desktop Microphone
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Yaesu M-1 Desktop Microphone

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Desktop Reference Microphone for FT-DX Serie and FT-991

Yaesu M-1 Reference Microphones are the ultimate, high-quality, most-innovative desktop microphones and are dedicated to the most discriminating Ham Radio Operators. They feature combined Condenser (Electret) and Dynamic microphone elements. 

The Condenser Microphone Element produces greater frequency response and a clear, crisp audio characteristic that's perfect for being heard on crowded bands and in big DX pile-ups. The Dynamic Microphone Element delivers the rich low to mid tonalities, much favored for local QSOs and rag chewing. The response of each microphone element may be adjusted independently using the internal, Nine (9) Band, Graphic Equalizer. Each element has a separate gain control for independent adjustment of output levels. The output of each microphone may be selected separately, or they may be combined to produce the most pleasant tonal quality.

Both the Condenser Element and Dynamic Element in the M-1 utilize the Nine (9) Band Graphic Equalizer centered at (63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz and 16 kHz). Each element's frequency response is independently adjustable. Two (2) frequency response memories and a "through" (bypass) mode are provided for each element, and are easily switchable by using one-touch buttons on the microphone base.

The supplied TBC (Treble Boost Cowling) enhances the voice response around the important 1 to 1.5 kHz range. Attaching the cowling creates a condensed unique tonal texture that is pleasing for many.

The PTT key uses three Air Cylinder Tubes which incorporate a contactless magnetic switch that ensures long-life and stable, noiseless operation.

NOTE: Note: Do NOT use this microphone on the following: FT-2400H / -7400 series, FT-2500 or FT-8500. Damage may result from modular jack wiring incompatibility.

Other included features are:

* Reversible cabling for 8-pin round or 8-pin modular use

* 3-pin XLR output for FTDX-9000

* Record and playback capability (20 seconds), to confirm the audio tonality

* Large red TX LED Indicator

* Large Graphic Equalizer / Frequency Response Scope LCD Display with anti-reflective coating

* Headphone jack

* Touch PTT key lock

* Built-in low-cut filter to shape the low frequency response

* Cannon-type (XLR) output plug connector

* Audio output volume control for headphones


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